Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival

I was called to perform in a Jane Bowles play, ‘In The Summer House’. What can I say about this one? I am in awe that I was able to be a part of such a rewarding project. First, I was cast last minute to perform after numerous New York City and local actors didn’t quite capture what famed director David Kaplan was looking for. At the latest moment, I was brought in to act alongside well established equity actresses, some of which have performed on Broadway. YES! Broadway! Such as Juliet Brett, Beth Bartley, Irene Glezos and Brenda Currin. The role was as a wealthy Mexican playboy ploying for the hand in marriage of a white widow (the american dream). The role called for me to speak in Spanish as well as english, and despite my name, I don’t speak Spanish. So that was a challenge. I was afforded the opportunity to stay the week in beautiful Provincetown and enjoy some of the other plays as well as netowrk with some truly talented people including director David Kaplan. A dream come true, hopefully more to follow. 😉

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