Jose Guns Alves

New York Actor

Had fun for two days with some of the cast of ‘Blue Suede’ on the empty floor of a building playing cops and robbers. We learned how to move tactically and marching commands for paramilitary police units. Turns out I learn that stuff pretty quickly and might have done well as far as that’s concerned […]
I was called to perform in a Jane Bowles play, ‘In The Summer House’. What can I say about this one? I am in awe that I was able to be a part of such a rewarding project. First, I was cast last minute to perform after numerous New York City and local actors didn’t […]
Funny thing happened at this audition. I was there on time and ready; however, the auditors were running waaaay behind. I only had time to quickly audition and then drive home an hour down the highway to pick up my daughters from school. As my window was closing and I was deciding to get up […]
Enjoyed the day on set with the cast of ‘Silence’ as construction worker Damian Jackson. This is a very interesting film because it deals with the reality of social media and how it has taken over so many of our lives. It becomes an addiction for the reluctant main character and ultimately we see what […]
Excited to go to the Internationally known NYC Fringe Festival to perform in a new play ‘The Van Meder Trust’ by playwright Beth Danesco. Surrounded by so many talented artists and the city, felt like heaven for an actor. Got to see a great show, ‘Coyote Katie’s Return’. Tremendous acting and writing. Entertained for over […]
Had the great pleasure of shooting a Connecticut Lottery commercial for a brand new game. It was one of the largest casts for a commercial shoot I have ever been a part of. That’s a lot of money to pay out, but then, Connecticut is the wealthiest state in the country per capita. Onward and […]
Shot ‘Spin the Plate’ with a talented cast and crew. An extraordinary story about a woman who was sexually abused as a child and her attempts to piece her life back together as an adult. Inspiring to say the least.
Interviewed by host Mike Messier about how I got into acting and where I see my career headed. We discussed my goals, influences and training. My interview starts after guest star, actor Ken Holmes at the 30 minute 16 second mark.
Just back from 5 days in Benson Arizona shooting scenes from a western “Logan’s Locket” with L.A. acting coach Molli Benson. My acting family across the country has increased with new life-long bonds. All I know is one thing…I wanna be a cowboy.